I grew up in China. Like other countries in the world except the US, people in China are from different ethnic subgroups but are all from the same “Mongoloid” race, so there is not a big difference from people’s appearances. Therefore, I have never encountered the problem that people are so different and the stereotypes of different races until the day I came to US.

It is hard for me to talk about how I feel about the white supremacy and white privilege. To be honest, when I become an international student in American school, it is the first time I felt that being one of the majority race would give people a great sense of security and also some privilege because of universal assumptions of your race. I went to a Christian high school in California at twelfth grade. One third of the students are from Mexican, one third of the student are white and another one third are contributed by African Americans and Asians. In my high school, there was no obvious distinction among students from different background(colors). Maybe, the reason is that it is a relatively small but diverse school so people are close to each other and most people in our school are Christians so we have a friendly and lovely community which is open to everyone regardless of color and social background.

Based on the readings we did these day, the whiteness supremacy may be somehow explained by the “Anglo-Saxons” exceptionalism and American exceptionalism, which is supported by the scientific research about the skull size and brain size, by arguing that people of “Anglo-Saxons” races have relatively larger brain size so they are more intelligent than other races. I think it is true there are some biological differences between different races, but we can’t neglect the human diversity and individual differences among people of the same race.

So far, I still don’t have a clear view about white privilege and supremacy in the American culture, but I think at the end of semester, I will have more knowledge about the whiteness in America and basically be confidence to talk about this topic.