Throughout the history of the United States of America, minority groups have been in a more unfavorable position than the dominant white culture due to this “power in numbers” that whites have carried for the past couple hundred of years. This white privilege is a result of a history in which young minds were programmed to think that white = better and every other race is inferior. This skewed view has and will change more as we evolve as a country, but the everyday trouble and oppressed feelings continue to affect minorities of all color.

Why should a white man get a job over a black man with the exact same credentials? Why does a person with white skin feel more naturally “safe” when surrounded by people like them as opposed to people with black skin? This all sprouts from the broken system that America was built on, but I see hope for change. A specific issue that has been haunting African American’s across the nation, especially recently, is the police shootings of harmless black men. People are just starting to fully realize a problem that has been occurring for ages, and there has been outrage. There was rioting in the streets near the location of the killings, violence, protest, and most importantly the rise of movements with strong a emphasis on black pride, such as “Black Lives Matter”. People see an issue and crave for change, but the constant stream of news stories about killings like these does not affect white people nearly as much as it does African Americans. Whites see another killing on the news, while Black people see their kid, their boyfriend, their dad; they see a normal person who could easily be a loved one that was killed at the hand of an inherent racism that goes back to the founding of our country.

The sad thing is, these killings have not just been a recent issue. In fact, black killings at the hands of the police were likely much worse in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. The only difference now is, we have exposure to these events. Social media, cop cars, cellphones with video recording have made it nearly impossible to get away with something unseen and write it off as a “dangerous situation”. We can no longer ignore this issue and must embrace it with a mind geared towards a greater good. If this has been going on for so long unnoticed, it begs the question, what else have we completely ignored due to “white ignorance”?