Donald Trump has elicited an overwhelming uproar from the informed American population, and justifiably so, for his veiled attempts to preserve the whiteness of the nation through an executive order that prohibits nationals of seven Middle Eastern sovereignties.  While Trump sought to prevent the entrance of terrorists into the nation by putting the three-month freeze on immigration, he also placed the lives of millions of refugees and immigrants in jeopardy.

The decision is eerily similar to the actions of FDR during World War 2, where he prohibited the entry of Jewish refugees to the US, due to the fear that they were Russian spies.  Trump and his orders to preserve the collective whiteness of the American population and culture are just the beginning of our worries.  The true problem can be found behind the scenes, with Trump’s strings being pulled by a man who embodies and takes a little too much pride in his whiteness, Steve Bannon.

Bannon, who served as the executive chair for Breitbart News, a firmly conservative political website, has been accused of being all the same things as Trump: a sexist, racist, and so on.  He was also recently appointed to the National Security Council’s principals committee, where he remains in a deeply rooted conflict of interest as both Trump’s chief strategist, a political role, and a top advisor on the NSC, a military/defense role.  During his oversight of Breitbart, Bannon admitted to attracting anti-Semitic and white nationalist readers to the site.  White nationalists and white nationalism are responsible for his elevation to such a role in the country.  He has displayed zero commitment to diversity and tolerance, remarking in 2010 that Islam was a “religion of submission.”  Bannon hesitates to recognize and approve of cultures and religion that are not white-bred and run.  It’s guys like Steve Bannon that give whiteness a bad name.  Whiteness can be synonymous with uniformity, a bland, miserable idea that Bannon has embodied in his vision of America.  Unfortunately, it may also be the direction the country is heading under Trump and the ultimate holder of power, Bannon’s watch.