I think The Great Gatsby tells a deep story about how racism has persisted. From my experience, the people who support institutions of inequality are typically aggressive with their views. One example of this is our new President, Donald Trump. Regardless of your opinion of any remarks he has made, I think we can all agree he makes his remarks loud and often. Tom Buchanan reminded me of this personality when he was discussing the potential downfall of the White race (Gatsby 12). Despite everyone’s apparent inattention to the subject, Tom continues on with his remarks for a substantial amount of time.

On the other hand, Nick’s character is rather soft spoken in the first three chapters. He forms his opinions regarding the other characters and the events taking place, but does not make a strong attempt to air his grievances. Similarly, Daisy does not outwardly agree or disagree with Tom’s bold statements. While she does ignore his more brutish comments, Daisy does little to nothing to deter him. These two characters together allow Tom to dominate the attitude of the entire party.

I believe it is these two contradicting personalities that have contributed to the current prevalence of racism in America. Too many of us are guilty of being bystanders to social issues. We were taught in elementary school that by not stopping a bully we were a part of the problem, but somewhere between then and now we seem to have forgotten that lesson. People who use bullying to achieve their goals will always distract from those utilizing more respectable forms of awareness. Our involvement in movements, marches, and social media trends can make a greater impact than we may realize. I hope that The Great Gatsby will show further evidence of this aggressive vs. passive theory in the remaining chapters.