As we learned from this class, despite the differences of appearance and other physical body structures, another big difference among races is the standards of beauty which is a significant part of culture differences. Different culture has different standard of beauty. However, similar races may have similar standards of beauty, like Asian verses Western standard.

I would like to talk about how culture technologies help to shape different culture identities from the history to the present, in several blog entries.

First, let me share the concept of culture technology. The first time I read about the word “culture technology” is from a K-pop band, NCT (Neo Culture Technology) by S.M. Entertainment that consists of an unlimited number of male members from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Canada, and America divided into multiple subgroups based in cities worldwide. The concept of culture technology is popularized by Lee Soo-man, founder of the South Korean music label and talent agency S. M. Entertainment.

Lee mentioned this idea during a speech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2011. He claimed that he coined the term “Cultural technology” about fourteen years ago, when S.M. decided to launch its artists and cultural content throughout Asia. From Lee’s plan of “culture technology”, there are mainly three steps. First, hold global audition to attract the teenager all over the world. Second, International collaborations, work with producers and song writers over the world. Third, Joint ventures, become the local company.

As the acceleration of globalization, the communication of different culture and technology has become more convenient. What’s more, thanks to the technology break through especially the development of internet, the speed of communication has been greatly accelerated, which also promotes more possibilities of human civilization.

I think Lee has a great sensitivity of the changing trends in pop music and pop culture, because of his success of S.M. Entertainment. Different from the idols in western culture who enjoys the freedom of choosing songs and performances, the idols Lee produced follows his philosophy of performance and acting. In other words, the idols produced by Lee functions just one part of Lee’s culture technology, which are the outcome or the products of the whole entertainment industry. This shocks me a lot. I sounds weird but I never realizes Lee’s bigger picture behind the definition of “culture technology” until I read about it – he can somehow control the pop culture and further influence young generation through the music and entertainment products he produced.