I recently read the article above called NASCAR hit with suit for racial discrimination and thought it would be interesting to share with the class. According to the article, CEO of Diversity Motorsports Terrance Cox III claims that he has been attempting to increase the number of African Americans in motorsports, but NASCAR will not allow it. Therefore, he is attempting to sue NASCAR for $500 million.

Though NASCAR remains the most racially segregated sport as of 2016, it is unclear to me in this article whether or not Cox’s claims are credible. He has a lot of evidence supporting his case that NASCAR is discriminating against African Americans, such as the low number of African American participation in the sport. But, NASCAR’s rebuttal defending the fact that they do not discriminate is possibly just as strong as Cox’s case being that the invented a diversity pit crew program and an initiative called “Drive for Diversity.” Additionally, Cox wanted to include Steve Harvey in the case after Harvey apparently was unable to create a NASCAR team. Harvey, however refused to be involved in the law suit, hindering Cox’s credibility.

If Cox’s claims are true and NASCAR is in fact racist, then that would be proving the stereotypes true. According to the stereotype, the average NASCAR fan is white, redneck, uneducated, ignorant, racist, and often drunk. I am usually not the person to believe a stereotype about a certain group of people, but it is interesting to me that fans of the sport are perceived to be white and racist and now NASCAR itself is receiving a law suit for essentially being racist.

In conclusion, it is apparent that there exists racial inequality in NASCAR, but it is hard to tell if the sport is racially discriminating based on the evidence provided in the article. In my opinion, racial stereotypes support Cox’s racist claim.