I believe that the widespread attention that International Women’s Day received this year is a direct result of current American culture and Trump being elected as president. While it is important to recognize the fight for gender equality in the United States and around the wrong, this fight for equality extends beyond gender. This is a day to reflect on equality related to SES, ability, and race. I think it was incredible how the attention that International Women’s Day received resulted in women around the globe, from various cultures and countries, uniting under the purpose of equality. I also think the recognition of this day opened up discussions about how progress, surrounding equality,  has been made, and what steps need to be taken to further this progress. Despite the fact that many people see the election of Trump as a step backwards in social progress, his election has opened a very important platform for discussion.

I also think it’s interesting to note the effect that the United States has on the fight for equality. The surge in attention for International Women’s Day was fueled by the election of Trump (as I mentioned) and the efforts of Americans through social media and unions spread throughout the world. Hashtags such as #BeBoldForChange were seen on all social media platforms.

I also believe that the discussion of gender equality should be thought of as culturally bound to some extend. The fight for racial equality and progress looks different for different communities around the world. In the United States, women have equal rights (for the most part). On the other hand, women in Pakistan for instance, are expected to dress in a specific way and do not receive an equal opportunity for education. This Time article discussed how different countries around the world celebrated International Women’s Day and what this day means to different cultures. I think it is important to recognize the universal fight for equality, yet recognize that, on the micro level, communities around the world are have unique challenges that they are working to overcome.