The other day, my roommates and I were talking about how lucky we are and how much our parents and grandparents had to go through to get us where we are. For me personally, my grandparents on my mom’s side raised 9 children and have 30+ grandchildren. The money my grandparents made went into a fund that they left for all the grandchildren to get money for college. My dad did not go to college until later in life because he went straight into working for UPS when he was 18 and worked for over 30 years to support my siblings and I. My parents taught me to be conscious about money, but I never had to worry about it. I always knew that they would pay for whatever I wanted to do whether it was a summer camp or a trip to France. At the time, I don’t think I realized how much money that cost, but my parents did whatever was necessary to make sure that I was able to accept any opportunity that I wanted.

One of my roommates is half Mexican and she was telling us how her grandmother had to raise 5 children and were constantly moving because they did not have enough money to stay in place. My roommate’s mom got married very young and had her two older brothers, but had to constantly work to just keep enough food on the table. Fast forward to when she married Alex’s dad and then Alex was born she became a successful travel guide and now my roommate feels like anything she wants her parents will do for her. Her mom has said because she was not able to truly provide for her brothers she likes to spoil my roommate. Both my roommate and I did not have to go through much hardship because our parents did whatever to give us the best lives possible, and our parents desire to do that is a luxury in itself.