I was very interested in the clip we watched in class today that had a “Racial Draft” for biracial people. The stereotypes conveyed in this clip especially stood out to me. The groups represented in this video were African American, Jewish, Latino, white, and Chinese people.

What first stood out to me that we have discussed in class is that this was a racial draft and Judaism is a religion, not a race. This reminded me of some of the earlier readings we had in this class in which Judaism seemed to be discussed as if it were a race. For example, in The American School of Anthropology, Samuel George Morton classified skulls based on race. He specifically divided his Egyptian skulls into three groups: whites, Jewish people, and blacks. Whites and blacks are races but as I mentioned before, Jewish people are not. I think it’s interesting that this dated classification of Jewish people as a race in the Painter reading made an appearance in the clip we watched in class. I believe that the writers of the show referred to Judaism as a race to illustrate how it is still widely used. For example, my roommate is Jewish and others often refer to her as Jewish. I have never been referred to as Catholic by others when being described. Therefore, people still widely refer to Judaism as a race. Thus in my opinion, I think that the writers of the show were making fun of the old, and still overused stereotype that Judaism refers to someone’s race.

Another thing that stood out to me was the portrayal of Latino people in the clip. The woman who represented the Latino race had an over exaggerated accent. To me she sounded like she was trying to mimic like Sofia Vergara, an actress known for having a heavy Latino accent. I thought it was weird that this woman was representing the entire Latino race even though many Latinos don’t have accents that heavy.

The stereotypes portrayed in this video were over exaggerated but seemed to represent how some people see certain races.