From the first blog post, I explain the general system of the S.M. Entertainment. In this post, I want to further explain how it may work to satisfy different target audience in different country.

At present, most of the fan of S.M. Entertainment and KPOP are in Asian Region. However, the KPOP culture develops dramatically through this ten years. Young people become fan of the KPOP now. I think the convenience from the information technology highly increase the communication efficiency and encourage the culture communication in different part of the world.

Generally, there is a big distinction between Asian and western culture. Although people in Asian, especially east Asian, are from the same racial group, the standards of beauty in Asian is different too, which further become and influence their taste of beauty. For example, in Korea people prefer to have big eyes and high bridge nose; intense and hot-blood style is easier to receive attention in Japanese; Chinese fans prefers gentle and slow songs.

Most members in KPOP idol groups have been trained systematically by their company for many years. The trainee system is very strict. The Verge described this as an “extreme” system of artist management. During their training time, trainees will be given classes such as singing, dancing, and rapping. Besides this regular performance classes, trainees will also ask to learn foreign languages like English, Japanese and Chinese. They will also be taught to use different eye contacts and gestures in different countries to complete the best performance in different countries. There are an increasing number of foreign trainees who are born in other countries and start their trainee lives at a very young age in South Korea.

Nevertheless, the S.M. Entertainment spent a lot of money inviting the best worldwide artists and producers to work with their producer group. Different from the other KPOP groups who track the trend of the up-to-date style to make money and get attention, KPOP groups produced by Lee Soo-man have been designed with their own concepts and styles which intends to satisfy people with different style of beauty.

In my opinion, it is hard to produce songs and artists that can super popular over the world. Every culture has it uniqueness. As the beauty standards are cultivated in different cultures, the stereotypes are cultivated at the same time. In some degree, those stereotypes are part of the culture and even an important part of its uniqueness together with the standard of beauty.