Today I stumbled upon an article in the news describing a newly formed coalition of marginalized groups that will act for the betterment of all those who are ostracized by society.  Called “The Majority,” it includes over 50 previously established groups, such as the Black Lives Matter network, NAACP, Fight for $15, Indigenous Environmental Network, Black Youth Project, Dream Defenders, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, and many more.  This is obviously a very new organization, but they have already scheduled a campaign from April 4, the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, to May 1, the national day of action.  This campaign involves a series of events, protests, rallies, and teach-ins that are designed to attract and teach people of all backgrounds and ethnicities how to stand up against all discriminatory issues.

Since the campaign starts today, there is no data pertaining to its effectiveness thus far, but I think this could be an excellent way to raise awareness about various issues and equip everyone with the skills and knowledge about how to help.  Their goal is not to slander any of the people who have mistreated them in the past or who may do so in the future, but to provide the means through which anyone can learn empathy and feel inclined to help those less fortunate than themselves, whether it be because of socio-economic status, bigoted race, or a number of other factors.  I have not heard of any other society, group, or coalition that plans on going about these actions in such a healthy, hate-less way.

I share The Majority’s hope that this organization will lead to only a betterment for society.  They preach justice and appreciation for all types of people, which most coalitions do not.  Most groups simply spread hate or backlash towards others, but The Majority seems to go about their goals the right way.  I hope that people will be able to learn from them and realize that the only way to combat racism in American society is by promoting the opposite and that we will be able to bring about real change going forward.