I found our discussion in class today to be very intriguing for a number of reasons. First, I thought it was interesting to discuss the shared frustration brought forth by the “White People Have No Place in Black Liberation”. After I read this article, I felt frustrated and attacked. First, the author’s statement that white people have no role in black liberation and any attempt of a white person to influence this movement is counterproductive seemed extreme. The article also addressed how by being white, white people are inherently racist and occupy the space of racial superiority. Also, the article claims that the only way for white people to have any role in black liberation is if they put an end to their whiteness. What left me feeling especially frustrated and stuck, is the article made these intense claims without giving any steps for action or advice for how white people can disassociate themselves from their whiteness. In my opinion, the article is furthering racism that currently exists in society by stating the black liberation must occur in complete isolation from white people.

Moving forward, we discussed how the Delgado article was more informative in regard to what steps the white population can take in this movement. The discussion point that really stuck with me was the importance of understand one’s motivations behind their participation in black liberation. If white individuals are participating in anti-racism groups simply for self-satisfaction and glorification, then they likely don’t have a deep, passionate force that will motivate them to put themselves in uncomfortable situations and take risks for the betterment of blacks. Additionally, we talked about how anti-racism groups that only include white people are unproductive because they serve as “safety nets protecting allies from their own uncertainty and fear of failure”. This quote highlights the point that whites must work in collaboration with blacks if they want to see any progression in this movement as a result of their efforts. For example, yesterday I went to the Bain and Company information session, and they discussed their efforts to increase diversity within their company. They talked about how they want to strive for a gender distribution of 50-50 and to significantly increase their racial diversity. They talked about how they believe that having a diverse executive team really empowers the rest of their company to pursue this goal. This relates to the article because it recognizes that diverse coalitions must exist if they want to aid in overcoming racism.